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Students can consult various books and make academic notes. In this way, they can prepare themselves for examination.

Students can use reference books such as dictionaries, encyclopedia, etc. to complete their project work.

Students can enhance their knowledge by going through the books of knowledge.

Students can learn about moral and virtues by reading the best stories of the world.

There are sets of books like the works of Rabindranath Tagore, collected works of Bankimchandra, Vivekananda, Saratchandra, etc. All these books builds the foundation of a strong character in a student.

General rules of School Library: There are certain rules of the school library.

  1. Maintain silence: The first rule is the golden rule of silence. While studying in the reading room, students are not permitted to talk or disturb others in any way.
  1. Careful handling of books: Besides this rule of silence, students are to handle the books carefully. Students are not to deface or damage the books lent to them.
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