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Mr.G.Bharadwaja Naidu’s Message

Our school lives up to its motto “SHRAMAYEVA JAYATHE”. Here the thrust is on the natural blossoming of each child into a complete self-reliant and confident individual, rather than on the mind-crippling heavy load of books and homework
Education must impart knowledge, develop skill and confer balance and implant insight. The student must become the useful member of the society, earning not only his bread, but bread for many in the community. We mould our children so.
In this journey you too can be a proud travel mate.


Academic Dean
S.Y.J. Dora’s Message

The start of a semester exciting and completion of academic goals with a update technology was fabulous. I keep encouraging my staff and students on positive path focusing on more goals ahead promising to be in limelight under the guidance of path leader Mr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu

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